Generation EDTECH arrives to revolutionize education with its podcast and webinars channel.

by | Apr 26, 2024

Generation EDTECH arrives to revolutionize education with its podcast and webinars channel.

Imagine a space where you can escape from the problems that surround us, the inequalities, the differences, the conflicts… An oasis of positivism, an ideal environment for debate, with respect, always suitable for all opinions.

From EDUCA EDTECH Foundation we present Generation EDTECH, the new Podcast and Webinars channel that seeks to revolutionize the world through education and knowledge.

Do you want to know about EDTECH Generation? Here are the keys

Generation EDTECH is the name of the project that offers the user, when registering in our platform, free access to Webinars and Podcast in open access.

With Jaime Martín at the helm of this ship, the Brand and Communication Coordinator of EDUCA EDTECH Group sees in this project a great opportunity to transmit the group’s values in a dynamic way, bringing the company closer to its public:

Generation EDTECH is not only a reflection of who we are as a company, but also an extension of our mission to innovate and educate. We want this project to not only inform, but also inspire and motivate our audience to be an active part of change in society.”

Through different platforms such as iVoox, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and the EDUCA EDTECH Foundation website, you will be able to access a wide range of content related to technology, education, social impulse and sustainability.

Aiming to be a mirror of EDUCA EDTECH Group and showcase its ambitious goals as a company in the social sphere, Generation EDTECH is an opportunity to take our voice beyond our EDUCA EDTECH building. With close, groundbreaking and current topics, we are committed to a channel linked to give voice to silenced causes and that our vanguard is transmitted through different platforms.

The frequency of these programs will be fortnightly, published every week on the different platforms mentioned above.

La Huella Verde, Launching Generation EDTECH!

We couldn’t have a better start than to count on the movement Green Footprint of Granada at the beginning of our season.

Aiming to promote the culture of sustainability, the Green Footprint was founded in 2018 to contribute to transforming society, a goal it shares with our EDUCA EDTECH Foundation. A program not to be missed, in which topics such as sustainability measures in the company, the Green Footprint Seal or the possibility of Granada being European Green Capital 2026 will be discussed.

Generation EDTECH emerges as the space where innovation, education and social commitment converge. Join us to explore a universe of knowledge and reflection, where every voice has a place and every idea is valued.

Discover EDTECH Generation and be part of this educational revolution and change!

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