Advances in training, grows in opportunities

Scholarship of 900 € in e-Campus official masters.

Scholarship of 500 € in university master’s degrees.

500 scholarship for the e-Campus Senior Management MBA.

Scholarship of 400 € in our own masters of all our brands.

Scholarship of 900 € in official masters of Da Vinci University .

Personalized advice so that you can choose the training that best suits you.

These scholarships are applied to the total price of the master’s degree, providing a significant portion of the scholarship.

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AVANZA Scholarship

The EDUCA EDTECH Foundation was created with the aim of bringing education to all corners of the world and breaking down the barriers that prevent access to learning. Education is the driving force to improve people’s quality of life and to break with any kind of inequality. Through the Avanza scholarship, the foundation seeks to empower future professionals with up-to-date learning adapted to all levels.

What does the AVANZA scholarship consist of?


The EDUCA EDTECH Foundation, in its firm commitment to democratize access to education and empower the professionals of the future, announces the Avanza scholarship.

With a total endowment of 165,000 €, these scholarships are intended to facilitate access to training for anyone who wishes to advance in their professional and educational development. The scholarships (which are applied to the total price of the training) will be 900 € for e-Campus official masters, 500 € for university masters, 500 € for the e-Campus MBA in senior management, 400 € for Euroinnova’s own masters and 900 € for official masters of Da Vinci University.

The launch of these scholarships is the translation of the passion with which the EDUCA EDTECH Foundation works to achieve accessible, quality education for all.

How do I apply for the AVANZA scholarship?


Those who wish to access the AVANZA scholarship will be able to do so in a very simple and agile way. First, they must fill out the form requesting information about the scholarship they wish to apply for. Secondly, a team of advisors will contact each person to guide them through the enrollment process on a personalized basis. And finally, once the enrollment is over, it is time to receive updated and quality training.

What are the advantages of the AVANZA scholarship?


Access to the AVANZA scholarship is an opportunity to access higher level training, such as a master’s degree, and to get the starting point towards a successful professional future. With this initiative, the EDUCA EDTECH Foundation aims to provide future professionals with quality training at a more accessible price and to start the best project of their lives: their professional career.

The e-Campus Official Master’s Degrees, a unique training program at the European level

Euroinnova’s catalog includes official master’s degrees from e-Campus, one of Italy’s leading online universities with more than 30,000 students. These are official training courses in various fields with 60 ECTS credits. Official master’s degrees in health, sustainability, education, information technology and business stand out. Would you like to specialize in any of these fields? Take advantage of the AVANZA scholarship and train with the best!