EDUCA EDTECH Foundation celebrates National Clean Air Day by debunking environmental myths

by | Jun 20, 2024

EDUCA EDTECH Foundation celebrates National Clean Air Day by debunking environmental myths
  • National Clean Day is celebrated on June 20. A day to commemorate sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.
  • In EDUCA EDTECH Foundation we fight for awareness and the implementation of favorable practices, dispelling the myths surrounding the environment and providing truthful and contrasted information.

In the midst of the ‘Information Age’, the atmosphere of misinformation surrounding the environment and climate change is surprising.

At the EDUCA EDTECH Foundation we work every day to favor a clean and sustainable futureTherefore, we focus on those issues that generate more noise around them, leading in many cases to misunderstandings due to lack of information.

In addition, the leading technology group in online education has achieved so far this year a considerable improvement in self-consumption and gas emission rates with respect to 2023. A clear demonstration of the good performance of the ESG actions proposed by the group.

Environmental fake news: myth vs. reality

The fake new concept has become more popular over the years. While it is true that they have always been there, the ease with which they are created and disseminated, thanks to the technological network that surrounds us, stands out today.

The EDUCA EDTECH Foundation has set out to put an end to these hoaxes and to support truthful and contrasted information. This is why we have asked our more than 800 employees about their perception of the environment and the information that surrounds them in this regard.

environmental survey  environmental survey

If we analyze the data, more than half of the respondents do not distinguish between fake new and truthful information. Worrying data, especially in terms of awareness and the fight against climate change.

In addition, 70% of respondents admit that they could include more actions in their daily lives to benefit the environment .

In our commitment to a sustainable future, we wanted to do our bit by providing truthful and expertly verified information to put an end to misinformation.

Myth: Climate change is not a human responsibility

Our ESG expert, María Maestra, says that although there have been climate changes in the past, the current one is mainly caused by greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels.

Renewable energies, a safe bet for the environment

There is also a lot of fake news around renewable energy. At EDUCA EDTECH Group, we plan to increase our photovoltaic capacity and promote self-consumption, which currently stands at 30%.

All with the aim of betting on renewable energies, which are clean, inexhaustible and very profitable.

Myth: everything gets mixed in the recycling truck

Another of the great environmental hoaxes is the ineffectiveness of recycling.

Maria Maestra explains how the waste we dump in the different garbage containers does not mix. Also highlighting the importance of recycling and reducing our waste, as well as highlighting the Paperless Paperless initiative initiative of EDUCA EDTECH Group.

In EDUCA EDTECH Group we are aware of our planet, aligning ourselves with the Sustainable Development Goals and promoting environmentally friendly actions through EDUCA EDTECH Foundation.

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