Launching the EDUCA EDTECH Foundation

by | Feb 23, 2024

Launching the EDUCA EDTECH Foundation

The EDUCA EDTECH Foundation is born as an initiative that arises from the firm belief in the transformative potential of education. With a visionary approach, our foundation emerges as an engine of change, a space where aspirations become reality. Our mission is clear: to remove barriers and empower future generations to achieve their full potential.

Changing the world through education is possible

The mission of the EDUCA EDTECH Foundation is ambitious: to change the world through education, closing digital divides and eliminating barriers that limit access to knowledge. Our long-term goal is to transcend corporate boundaries and make education a fundamental right and accessible to all. To achieve this, the EDUCA EDTECH Foundation focuses on projects that integrate education, technology and community participation, considered essential pillars for social development.

Strategic Plan 2024-2026

One of the main actions to be carried out by our foundation is the launch of the AVANZA Scholarshipa concrete initiative that reflects the core values of EDUCA EDTECH Group. By 2024, 276,000 euros will be allocated to calls for scholarships and grants, with the purpose of guaranteeing universal and quality education. These actions will be guided by the principles of inclusion, sustainability and empowerment, which are fundamental to our foundation’s mission.

In addition to the AVANZA Scholarship, our foundation plans to implement other social initiatives throughout 2024, allocating 24,000 euros to donations and actionsaimed at meeting the strategic objectives. This will include collaborations and partnerships with non-profit entities, in line with the foundation’s commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

EDUCA EDTECH Foundation in harmony with the group

Our foundation, which belongs to EDUCA EDTECH Group, is perfectly aligned in its commitment to the democratization of education and the elimination of barriers to ensure that knowledge is accessible to all.

Our group’s focus on education and technology drives people’s professional development and seeks to pave the way for a future full of opportunities that overcomes social inequalities. In this sense, we seek excellence in the educational sector, providing students with the necessary training to boost their professional growth, supported by EDUCA EDTECH Group’s own research, technological development and knowledge transfer.

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